Robby Zambito

Software Engineer

28 Feb 2021

How to Generate a Vanity Algorand Address

A vanity address is an address that has been generated such that it has some recognizable pattern. For example, if you ...
01 Feb 2021

My Computer Setup

I built my computer after purchasing the parts on Black Friday 2019, with the expectation of programming on it, but also ...
17 Nov 2020

Proprietary Software is Anti-Capitalist

A theoretically perfect market under capitalism assumes that consumers have access to an infinite supply of producers. ...
12 Nov 2020

You Are Forbidden From Innovating Here

Since the creation of the Web, there has been an incredible burst of innovation, that still continues today. In contrast ...
03 Nov 2020

Deleting Social Media with Algorithmic Feeds

About a month ago I decided to deactivate my Facebook account, and to uninstall Snapchat, Instagram, and Slide for ...
30 Oct 2020

Hello World

I am ditching my old site for this one for several reasons. My old site was built in Vue, and I thought it looked very ...